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Aquatic biology is a vast field that requires a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem, and my experience spans both academic research and applied research in the industry. I am proud to say that I have recently featured in a series of podcasts with fellow experts, providing informative and engaging discussions on a variety of aquatic topics.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 1 of the Bait Breakdown, a multipart series where we take an in-depth look at the 4 main types of a bass's natural forage: baitfish, crawfish, aquatic insects, reptiles and amphibians. Today's episode is the baitfish episode with special guest Shan O'Gorman.

This week we start a summer series about managing fishing ponds for maximum fish production. Fisheries scientist Shan O'Gorman the @aquatic_biologist joins us to discuss helpful strategies that he has learned through trial and error. Managing a pond involves a lot of trust and it can be problematic at times but the resource responds to applied science. Watching it improve is hugely rewarding. Learn how in this episode. Enjoy! PS: Do you know how much a 24 inch bass should weigh?

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I specialize in developing sustainable fishing practices that balance the needs of both humans and the environment. My recent projects have focused on promoting ethical fishing and protecting vulnerable fish populations. Learn more about how my work as an aquatic biologist can enhance your fishing experience, while also preserving our natural resources.

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