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Relative weight stickers
Striper Bass caught by Shan
Largemouth bass in a net

How does a fisheries biologist determine the relative health of a fishery?  The answer lies in the weights of the largemouth bass.  Biologists use a Relative weight chart to compare the weights of your bass to the national average. Using an electrofishing boat to capture bass quickly, biologists take the length and weight measurements of bass.  Those lengths and weights are compared to a the national average.   Simply put, if your bass are above the national average for their length then your fish population is balanced and healthy.  If your bass are under the national average then your lake/pond needs some work.  Fisheries biologist Shan O'Gorman developed this Bass scale to help lake owners and fishermen determine if the bass are catching are above or below average.  This quick reference guide can be used in the field to help determine relative health of a bass population. 

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